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Advanced technology of products

SMP858 Flush diaphragm pressure transmitter (Click here to view details)

DMP305X Industry pressure transmitter (Click here to view details)

PS131 Electronic pressure switch(Click here to view details)

SMP131 Compact pressure transmitter (Click here to view details)

LMP633 Submersible pressure transmitter (Click here to view details)

Innovative Solutions 

LEEG has been experiencing in product manufacturing more than 15 years and application experience of hundreds of thousands of products. Meanwhile, it has core manufacturing capabilities of sensor technology and circuit board designing. LEEG’s profound understanding and deep technical details can provide you with optimal product solutions and make you a greater success.

Leading Manufacturing Capabilities

LEEG has complete EMC testing equipment, high-precision full-automatic calibrator and test equipment, first-class CNC equipment, advanced high and low-temperature alternating experiment box, these high-quality equipment ensures that products manufactured by LEEG are in conformity with the international top standards. The precision of monocrystalline silicon sensor manufactured by LEEG reaches 0.05%, is among the world leading level. 


Manufacturer Equipment


Complete EMC testing equipment.

High precision automatic calibrator and test equipment.

First-class CNC processing equipment. 

Advanced alternating high and low temperature
test chamber. 


Precise Testing Procedure

Each of our products is subject to below testing process:


Automatic linear calibration to ensure linear precision.

Automatic temperature compensation

to ensure the temperature influence effects.


Real-time online aging system

to ensure the time drift performance.

Pressure cycling impact tests to ensure long-term stability.

The above tests are monitored by computers, which can ensure data authenticity and traceability.


 Strict Quality Control

LEEG passes ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification of TUV of Germany, adopts ERP, PDM, MES and other information-based management system. Advanced management system assures quality control of each link in production. Meanwhile, all products have the unique identification number to record material batches and production information. Given with identification number of the products, we can trace all manufacturing date of the products to realize timely tracking and feedback of product quality and make your communication more efficiently.