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Differential Pressure Transmitter Selection

Time: 2018-08-02


Differential Pressure Transmitter SelectionDifferential pressure transmitters are selected according to the following points:

(1) Measuring range, required accuracy

(2) The environment, whether there is toxic or explosive atmosphere in the environment, or a higher ambient temperature, such as the petrochemical environment,

(3) The physical and chemical properties and state of the measured medium, such as strong acid, strong alkali, viscous, easy solidification, crystallization, and vaporization;

(4) Changes in operating conditions, such as changes in medium temperature, pressure, and concentration. 

(5) The structure, shape and size of the container to be measured, the accessories of the equipment inside the container, and the mouths of various import and export materials should be considered, such as towers, solution tanks, reactors, boiler steam drums, vertical tanks, spherical tanks, etc.;(6) Other requirements, such as environmental protection and health requirements; 

(7) There should be a unified consideration for engineering instrument selection, and it is required to reduce the variety of specifications as much as possible and reduce spare parts in order to facilitate management;

(8) Actual process conditions:

1 Consider what kind of equipment the measured object belongs to. If the volume of the tank is small, the measuring range should be not too large; If the volume of the tank is large, the measuring range may be larger;

2 You need to check the physical and chemical properties of the medium and the degree of cleanliness, prefer normal differential pressure transmitter and buoyancy level transmitter, but also to consider the material that contact with the media;

3 Single-flange differential pressure transmitters are used for some suspensions, foams and other media. For some easy-to-precipitate, easy-to-crystallize liquids, we should use plug-in dual flange differential pressure transmitters;

4 To measure high viscosity liquid level and the liquid level of high pressure equipment, you can use the radiation level gauge to measure since the equipment can't open the hole.

5 Besides measurement methods and technical problems, there are instrument investment issues.

In summary, the selection of transmitters requires technically feasible, economically reasonable, and convenient in management.