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Electronic Pressure Switch for water treatment equipment

Time: 2018-08-02

PS131 electronic pressure switch is a masterpiece of industry 4.0, also known as digital pressure controller or smart pressure switch and digital pressure switch. It is full smart product which is born for industry 4.0 and the internet of things. The high-density information displayed on the entire surface of the large screen make it not only meet the pressure measurement and control requirements, but also be a node of intelligent equipment, intelligent production lines, smart factories and the internet of things, accurately and efficiently transfer, receive and process interaction information from all sides.


Pressure types: gauge pressure
Measuring range: 1kPa-40MPa
Output signal: 4-20mA / 0.5-4.5VDC / RS485 Modbus-RTU / PNP or NPN
Reference accuracy: 0.1% URL
Stability: ±0.2% URL/ 5 years
Media temperature: -40-120℃
Process connection: Standard G1/4(M), G1/2(M), M20*1.5(M), optional
Electrical connection: Aviation plug, M12*1 (5 pins)