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Intelligent differential pressure transmitter for filtration equipment

Time: 2019-01-22

Self-cleaning filters are widely used in the water treatment industry, such as raw water treatment, water treatment systems, refrigeration systems, steel, paper, mining, petrochemical, precision metal manufacturing, municipal facilities. Applicable liquid types: groundwater, seawater, lake water, reservoir water, circulating cooling water, chilled water, spray water, heat exchange water, sealing water, oil well water injection, machined coolant, washing water, etc.

LEEG intelligent differential pressure transmitter is used to measure the inlet and outlet pressure of the filter. During the filtration process, the inner layer impurities of the fine filter mesh gradually accumulate, and a pressure difference is formed between the inner and outer sides. When this differential pressure reaches the preset value, the automatic cleaning process will begin.


Typical parameters of differential pressure transmitters
for filtration equipment

Power supply:24VD
Measuring range:0~250kPa DP
Diaphragm material: SUS316L / Hastelloy C
Output signal: 4~20mA+PNP / 4~20mA+HART

LEEG intelligent pressure transmitter adopts the monosilicon sensor technology and double diaphragm overload protection structure. It has the characteristics of high overload, high precision, high stability and small measuring range. The highest precision can reach 0.05%, which meets the requirements in process industries such as petrochemical, electricity, energy, steel, and paper industry.