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LEEG Hygienic Pressure Transmitter for Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

Time: 2019-01-22

At the Fermentation Show, a biomaterials manufacturer from Nanjing introduced a hollow fiber tan-gential flow separation unit for 100L reaction tanks, and was proud that its separation efficiency is better than that of foreign brands. The hollow fiber tangential flow separation device adopts three LEEG hygienic pressure transmitters, and the whole housing is made of stainless steel. The pipes, in-struments and pumps are arranged in an orderly manner.

sanitary pressure transmitter

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) means that the liquid flows under the driving of the pump along the tangential direction of the membrane surface, forming a pressure on the membrane to allow part of the liquid to permeate through the membrane while another portion of the liquid flows tangentially. Through the surface of the membrane, the particles and macromolecules intercepted by the membrane are washed away to prevent them from accumulating on the surface of the membrane, causing mem-brane clogging and a decrease in flow rate. Also known as Cross Flow Filtration.

Hollow fiber tangential flow filtration device can be used for clarification, concentration, dialysis, purification and other processes. The low shear force of hollow fiber is very good to protect the activi-ty yield of biomacromolecules. It is widely used in various fields of biopharmaceuticals, including antibody separation. , flu, rabies, tetanus, meningitis, hepatitis B and other viral vaccines, as well as the production of blood products.

Pressure is the key parameter affecting the tangential flow filtration process of hollow fiber. Monitor-ing and control of each pressure can obtain more stable processing results, which is essential for the elimination of system failure and process optimization. LEEG hygienic pressure transmitters are used to measure inlet pressure, outlet pressure and osmotic pressure, respectively. Control filtration parame-ters include pressure, temperature and tangential flow rate. The difference between inlet pressure and outlet pressure is generally called differential pressure. Tans-membrane pressure (TMP) = (inlet pressure + outlet pressure) / 2 - filtration end pressure. The differential pressure determines the tangential flow rate. When the differential pressure is constant, the tangential flow rate remain stable. TMP is the key parameter in the tangential flow process. LEEG high-precision hygienic pressure transmitters using monosilicon technology, will help users optimize TMP for better separation.

LEEG Hygienic Pressure Transmitter is designed and manufactured in accordance with FDA, 3-A, EHEDG and ASME BPE specifications, and has passed the double sanitation certification of 3-A and EHEDG. All stainless steel housing, isolation diaphragm roughness Ra≤0.38μm, the roughness of other parts which not contact with measuring medium is Ra≤0.8μm, designed for the sanitary sterili-ty requirements of pharmaceutical industry. LEEG Hygienic Pressure Transmitter's philosophy is to serve the bio-device industry at home and abroad with hygienic standards.