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LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitter used in hazardous tank area

Time: 2018-08-02

In the petrochemical industry, the area of storage tank and the reservoir are major dangerous sources which accidents such as burning, explosion and poison leakage are easy to occur. Enterprises must establish on-site safety monitoring system according to the standard requirements of the State Administration of Work Safety. Through analysis and processing of the monitoring data and information to complete fault diagnosis and early warning of accidents and anomalies, provide on-site troubleshooting and emergency disposal guidance for the operator. 

LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitter approved by the National Instrument Explosion Safety Supervision and Inspection Station (NEPSI) for the explosion-proof and intrinsically safe in petroleum, chemical and other hazardous situations. LEEG put safety as the first element to Consider at the product design phase, and throughout the entire life cycle of the transmitter: production, sales, installation, commissioning, use, and equipment maintenance.