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LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitters passed IECEx certificate

Time: 2018-08-30

2018 International Industrial Explosion Protection Technology Forum(ExTC) opened in Shanghai on 29th, August. The forum was held on the theme of Sharing Explosion-proof Experience and Exploring Explosion-proof Technology. During the meeting, Mr.Xu Jianping, chairman of IECEx TAG, issued the IECEx certificate for LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitter products series that successfully passed SITIIAS/NEPSI at first.


LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitter is the representative of the new generation of process industrial pressure transmitter in China. The application industry includes petroleum, chemical, electric power, steel etc, that are dangerous one. And about 60% to 80% of oilfields and petrochemical plants and nearly 80% of the production workshop in the chemical industry are explosive and dangerous. Thus, pressure transmitters used in these industries are required to be explosion-proof. The quality of the products will directly affect the safety of people and property. Now, all countries and regions have incorporated explosion-proof product certification into legal mandatory management and required to pass explosion-proof certification.


LEEG is exploring the global industrial automation market, and obtaining IECEx certification will help LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitters rapidly enter global markets.


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