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LEEG's brand concept - Safety by design

Time: 2018-09-29

Safety by design. It is the brand concept of LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitter. The design guiding idea is to ensure the normal operation of pressure measurement function under any circumstances. The design should first consider the failure safety of pressure transmitter. Principles, foresee the worst possible conditions of the pressure transmitter during work, and arrange the treatment to avoid causing the entire system to get out of control.

We improve safety by continuously testing and improving the way we control the failure of pressure transmitters. The failure of the pressure transmitter can be divided into the pressure transmitter itself, the process connection and the electrical connection, and the environment around the pipe network tank.

   For the pressure transmitter itself, the pressure sensor of the gauge pressure type uses a high pressure electrical connection and a side reference pressure inlet, which avoids process media even if the pressure transmitter diaphragm is broken down. Entering the electrical protection shell causes other accidents, and the diaphragm condition monitoring can detect the damage and alarm in time, so that the staff can deal with the fault in time; the pressure sensitive component is a monosilicon elastomer, and its sensitivity to pressure is high.

High overload pressure shock, damage to sensitive components will cause the pressure transmitter to not work properly, especially adding a central diaphragm to protect against pressure shocks and condition monitoring of sensitive components.

For the process connection and electrical connection of the pressure transmitter, it is necessary to monitor the power line and signal line, including the wiring of the electronic line, the terminal and the status of the power supply, so that the status of the pressure transmitter supply device can be monitored. Avoid large-scale failures.

Pressure transmitters are used in the process industry's factory pipe network, tank area, and various types of reaction devices. For example, in a flammable and explosive hazardous environment, some pressure transmitters are installed in electrical protection boxes, and more pressure transmitters are directly exposed to the surrounding environment. The waterproof and explosion-proof performance has strict requirements; the pressure pulsation of the pipe network will cause pressure shock, which will not only cause partial damage to the sensor of the pressure transmitter, but also cause leakage accidents caused by breakdown of the pipeline in severe cases, and the pressure changes. The built-in pressure limit value recorder can record the peak value of instantaneous pressure and record the frequency of occurrence, and can be used to monitor the flow state of pipeline media.

Of course, we also need to consider the selection of conventional pressure transmitters for DCS systems, such as the shape of the process medium, temperature, ultimate pressure range, whether it contains strong acids and alkalis, impurities, dust particles and substances that are easy to solidify and crystallize. Whether it is a special medium such as oxygen or hydrogen, oxygen needs to be banned from oil, and hydrogen gas will be generated under high temperature and high pressure. It is necessary to measure the diaphragm with gold plating. In addition, the climate and environment impacts of the area where the factory is located, such as thunderstorms in the southern region, and protection measures for extreme cold weather in the northern region.

The core of the pressure transmitter is a function that implements pressure measurement, allowing the user to gain insight into the operation of the production unit through pressure measurement. For example, the differential pressure transmitter used for monitoring the differential pressure of the boiler furnace can monitor the state of the flame, as well as the leakage of the pipeline through the pressure loss. These are extremely accurate, fast response and long-term reliability requirements for pressure transmitters. This is the characteristic of LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitters. The core of the pressure measurement is monocrystalline silicon pressure sensitive components. High sensitivity, minimal hysteresis and good mechanical stability, measurement accuracy of 0.05%, response time less than 100mS, and long-term stability of more than 5 years.