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Meet us at Achema, look into Pharmaceutical industry 4.0

Time: 2018-08-02

ACHEMA 2018 exhibition kicked off  at 9:00 AM local time on June 11 in Frankfurt, More than 3,000 world-renowned brands displayed all-round technological achievements and trends in the chemical, environmental and biological fields. Achema has been hailed as the first exhibition for the process industry. Pharmaceutical 4.0 has become a hot topic at this year's Achema exhibition. Everyone expects that intelligent pharmaceuticals can bring patients safe, high-quality, low-cost and customized medicines. This is the first time that LEEG has participated in the Achema Exhibition. A full range of monosilicon pressure transmitters are available here to meet with global users. It is especially recommended the Pressure Transmitters which are 3A and EHEDG approved for the pharmaceutical industry.

Hygienic pressure transmitter is one of the field instruments widely used in pharmaceutical production equipment and packaging equipment, and is also one of the basic units of intelligent pharmaceutical production line and equipment.  As a smart pharmaceutical factory are formed by intelligent pharmaceutical production line and equipment, the pressure transmitter are closely followed the trends of intelligent pharmaceuticals and begins intelligent exploration. 


  U.S 3-A Sanitary Standards Organization and European Sanitary Engineering Organization (EHEDG) are regarded as pioneers and authorities in product sanitation certification. The LEEG Sanitary Pressure Transmitter has achieved double sanitation certification for 3-A and EHEDG and will provide perfect pressure level measurement solutions for customers.