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Next generation, AI pressure transmitter

Time: 2018-08-02

The 2017 LEEG 3rd Quarterly Conference was held recently, this is a good harvest season.Not only monosilicon pressure transmitter has achieved excellent sales performance, but also won the "2017 China Institute of Instrument Science and Technology Award for outstanding products", "2017 China industrial pressure sensor brand TOP 10" and "Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards ". 

With China-made 2025, industrial 4.0 and artificial intelligence technology, the fourth generation of artificial intelligence pressure transmitter has been formed in the initial industry standards, the product will come out in the near future, the pressure transmitter into the era of artificial intelligence.       

In the domestic market, we are accustomed to call the generic analog capacitor pressure transmitter the first generation and call domestic digital circuit capacitive pressure transmitter the second generation because of HART communication. LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitter is the representatives of third generation, full isolation, high overload & high precision, transient impact resistance, international standards flameproof, Intrinsic Safety certification, 3-A certificate, which applied to the petrochemical industry with explosive, corrosion, overload impact and other dangerous situations and pharmaceuticals & food industries. Overall, our monisilicon pressure transmitter reached the performance of foreign brands. Manufacturers around the world started the fourth generation of artificial intelligence pressure transmitter at the same time, this is a opportunity for domestic pressure transmitter manufacturers. The future belongs to intelligent manufacturing, the future belongs to China!