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Outstanding product award for LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitter

Time: 2018-08-02

LEEG monosilicon pressure transmitter won the 2017 China Instrument Society Science and Technology Award for outstanding product award. We are the second  manufacturer of monosilicon pressure transmitter who won the award in China, which is the affirmation and encouragement for our independent research and development.

LEEG develops new high-quality monosilicon pressure transmitters. In the explosive environment, we have ATEX, IECEx, and we produce pharmaceutical sterile grade stainless steel hygienic pressure transmitter according to FDA, 3A, EHEDG, ASME BPE standards.

Our goal is to become a leading monosilicon pressure transmitter manufacturer, with China 2025 intelligent manufacturing development trend, LEEG seize the historical opportunity of intelligent manufacturing, from the followers to a leader, realize the Chinese dream of pressure transmitter!