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SP38D Differential pressure sensor

Brief introduction

The core sensor is high precision monosilicon technology with SP38D, it can be built-in static pressure and temperature compensation, which maximum improves the static pressure and temperature performance of the sensor. With high overload and high static pressure, high static pressure up to 40MPa. SP38D is suitable for all kinds of harsh environment, the working temperature is -40~85°C.
SP38D monosilicon differential pressure transmitter is widely used in process control, environmental control, flow control, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, servo valve and transmission, chemical products and chemical industry as well as medical instrument and so on.


Accurate filling fluid technology.

Dual diaphragm overload structure.

High long term stability <±0.05%F.S./year.

Very low pressure and temperature hysteresis.

Optional for built-in static sensor, temperature sensor.

Optional for multiple isolation diaphragm material, widely meet the anti-aggressive requirements.

Compact design, easy encapsulation.


Differential pressure range: 0-30mbar...10bar

Output voltage: 60~140mV(3kPa:50~120mV)

Stability: ≤±0.1% FS/year

Diaphragm material: SUS316L/ hastelloy C

Mechanical connection for housing: M27×2(M), 2 3/16-16 UNS, M56×1.5(M)

Power supply: 5V(typ),12V(max)

Working temperature: -40℃~ +85℃

Storage temperature: -50℃~+125℃

Temperature effect on zero: ±0.05% F.S./℃

Temperature effect on span: - 0.2±0.05% F.S./℃

Temperature hysteresis: <±0.05% F.S.

Pressure hysteresis: <±0.05% F.S.

Long term drift: <±0.05% F.S./year

Static pressure effect: <±0.1% /10MPa

Industry application

Process control

Environmental control

Flow control

Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment


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