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SP19FR Pressure sensor

Brief introduction

SP19FR flush diaphragm single crystal silicon pressure sensor is double diaphragm overload protection structure can easily cope with high overload test, isolated air cavity design to prevent condensation and avoid pollution to the media.

The SP19FR is capable of all the industries which need CIP / SIP cleaning, such as food, pharmacy, drink and so on.


Accurate filling fluid technology.

Dual diaphragm overload structure.

High long term stability <±0.05%F.S./year.

Very low pressure and temperature hysteresis.

Optional for built-in static sensor, temperature sensor.

Optional for multiple isolation diaphragm material, widely meet the anti-aggressive requirements.

Compact design, easy encapsulation.


Measuring range: 0~100kPa…35MPa.

Supply voltage: ≤2.0mA DC(10VDC@5 kΩ)

Electrical connection: φ0.5mm Kovar pin or flexible wire

Common-mode voltage output: 50% of input (typical value)

Input impendence: 3kΩ~8kΩ

Output impendence: 3 kΩ~8kΩ

Response time (10%~90%): <10ms (at media temperature below –22°F for ranges < 300 PSI)

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ, 100V DC

Overload pressure: 1.5 times of full scale

Diaphragm material: stainless steel SUS316L

Housing material: stainless steel SUS316

O-ring: FKM

Industry application

Food, pharmacy, drink


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