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SPH19D Differential pressure sensor

Brief introduction

SPH19D uses reliable high stable monosilicon sensor die. Bulit-in temperature sensing element to maximize the temperature performance. It's a comprehensive digital & intelligent sensor which can be used in various harsh environments. The working temperature is -40-85℃. It also has the features of high precision, high stability and long-term stability.


High stability monosilicon sensor die

Voltage excitation

Isolated construction, enable to measure various media

All in 316L stainless steel

Hastelloy C, Tantalum diaphragm material optional

φ19mm diameter


Pressure type: differential pressure

Power supply: 5-12VDC

Electrical connection: Kovar pin or 100mm silicon rubber flexible wires

Common mode voltage output:50% of input(typical)

Diaphragm material: 316L/ Hastelloy C

Working temperature: -40-+85℃

Industry application

Industrial process control

Gas, liquid pressure measure

Liquid pressure system and switch

Refrigeration equipment and air conditioner

Aviation and navigation inspection


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