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SP38M- Multivariable Differential Pressure Sensor

Time: 2018-08-02

SP38M Multi-variable pressure sensor is a monosilicon pressure sensor which is designed for flow measurement, multivariable transmitter. It can measure differential pressure, static pressure and temperature simultaneously .The core sensor is high precision monosilicon technology with SP38M.

The highest static pressure up to 40MPa. It's pressure ranges from 0-400mbar to 0-10 bar with accuracy 0.1%FS( full scale).

SP38M monosilicon pressure sensor is widely used in process control, flow measurement, environmental control,flow control, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, servo valve and transmission, chemicalproducts and chemical industry as well as medical instrument and so on

Technical specifications

Pressure range: 0-10bar
High pressure side overload: 160bar
Static pressure: 400bar 
Accuracy(constant temperature): 0.1% FS
Stability: ≤±0.1% FS/year
Temperature effect on zero:  ±0.05% F.S/℃
Temperature effect on span: - 0.25±0.05% F.S/℃
Storage temperature: - 40-125℃ 
Media temperature: - 40-125℃ 
Working temperature: - 40-85 ℃